"Whoever you are, our bond doesn't change."
Thought I'd update this description! This blog posts various things now, including Jeanmarco, but not so much as of recently seeing as I've not been as active. I also post World of Warcraft, because I'm a huge nerd and I play video games. You can ask for my battletag, though I warn you it's getting full. :( I will do PvP and RP, as long as you don't go crazy and not abide to the lore, heh. I'm not really looking for much else on my character. I am also willing to roleplay through skype if you'd like to do SNK RPs, I RP Marco in that situation. :) Again, sorry for being so inactive here!
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when the solutions to a medical problem are “reduce stress” i am like? what am i going to do about this????? not go to school?? get rid of my parents??? force myself deeper down the road of total and complete apathy???

Reblog this if you’ve ever cried, had a panic attack or an anxiety attack because of school stress


I’m trying to prove a point to my mum and teachers

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